Responding to the Devastating Incident at McNally’s

February 27, 2014

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote embodies the gravity of this moment. Dr. King speaks to the intricate complexity that every agent for change must face. The first thing that we must embrace is that we are looking to make progress and we are dealing with humans. As humans, we are emotional beings. Even more, the issue of race in America invokes a great deal of passion on both sides of the argument. However, the focus should be on progress. Progress intrinsically requires movement beyond emotions into rational behavior. If this devastating incident at McNally’s is to spark anything beyond the emotions which it has already harnessed, we must consider action.

The actions required will not automatically identify themselves nor will they inaugurate or perpetuate themselves. They will not be easy. They will require “dedicated individuals” to sacrifice, suffer and struggle for a cause that is greater than themselves. They will require passion. But these passions must not be those of unbridled hatred and anger. Instead, these passions must be subdued and channeled through the filter of justice for ALL. One person addressing one incident may not be able to fully answer the complicated question of why this issue happened. Nevertheless, it can be the pebble that starts a ripple of steps toward justice and equality.

I am responding in like manner to the devastating incident at McNally’s because it is time to change the dialogue. First of all, I do not know Michael Cummings and I do not wish him any ill will. I have no personal ought against him. My distain is against the institution of racism that is hiding in the shadows of isolated incidents like mine. It is chilling that any officer of the law would feel that there are “too many blacks” in any place. It would be equally as forbidding if there were too many Christians, too many Jewish people, too many Asians, too many homosexuals, etc. Our constitution was written “with liberty and justice for all.” Those that uphold this constitution should do so with the same fervor for all people. At the end of the day, Reprieve Blues Band and I have not received an apology from the bar or its representation. Notwithstanding, I forgive.

I forgive because the tenets of my faith teach me that charity and love are greater virtues than hatred and unforgiveness. There have been many people trying to convince the world that Mr. Cummings is a nice guy. He very well may be. I cannot speak to this nor shall I speak against it. Likewise, I cannot speak to any repercussions that may result from his hubristic actions the night of February 22, 2014. What I know is that with great power comes great responsibility. Part of embracing great responsibility means embracing the consequences for our actions. The consequences now faced extend far beyond the scope of my intentions. The events of that evening sparked a dialogue that I hope we will all meet with a greater since of responsibility instead of anger and hatred. Where sit-ins, marches and protest are great vehicles to bring attention to important issues, this devastating incident now has attention and I would ask all stakeholders to consider what actions we can now take.

I do not profess to have all the answers. No person claiming that they do can be taken seriously considering the complexity of this matter. However, I have begun conversations with various stakeholders on what actions we can take to address the racial divide in the city.  Because this entire conversation began with music as the focus, I believe that the music and arts community can come together with the business community to lead lasting change in this moment. My passion has been laying a foundation upon which future entertainers can build a career without having to face some of the struggles and circumstances that I have had to face. Unfortunately, racial tension is only one of many relevant issues. I am preparing to share my ideas on how we can move forward as a community. Instead of sharing frustration and hatred, let me humbly encourage all of you to share yours as well.

Preparing to step beyond this devastating incident towards the goal…



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43 responses to “Responding to the Devastating Incident at McNally’s

  1. Nick Collins

    Some guy offended you. Get over it, your an adult. Most people don’t care about your race.

  2. Rosie

    Worded very well!

  3. Mike

    Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”- Muhammad Ali

  4. Bob

    My idea to move forward is for you to fucking man up already. By God, you and your people are not oppressed and are not sought after for persecution. It’s not 1955 anymore. The “I’m a perpetual victim” approach has got to stop. If you really wanted to help race relations you wouldn’t have pulled this stupid ass whining pussy bullshit in the first place. It was an impossible to prove story that at the end of the day brought a tremendous amount of negative PR to local business that by many accounts seems to be a charitable and productive member of the business community. And it cost you NOTHING to do it except pull out your race card. Quote Dr King all
    You want, You ought to be ashamed.

  5. John

    Let no man pull you low enough to hate.

    Martin Luther King

  6. Bob

    I have a dream…….that one day the blacks will stop living life with their hands out and and stop crying “racism” while standing on the graves of their dead ancestors. And that one day they will make the most of the equal opportunities they have had for the past 45 years…..I HAVE A DREAM TODAY!!!!!!

  7. Your Mother

    Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one to experience negative treatment at this bar. Owning a bar is a privilege, not a right. All people deserve to be treated with respect. City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations • Phone: 312.744.4111

    Illinois Department of Human Rights James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph Street
Suite 5-100 
Chicago, Illinois 60601 Tel: (312) 814 – 6269

    If there was a public hearing, how many people could come forward to speak on negative experiences at McNally’s ??

    Man sues police, alleging coercion – Chicago Tribune…   Cached
    [Jul 16, 2002] It names as defendants six detectives and the City of Chicago. The detectives are Michael Cummings,

  8. Ms Mc

    Get Real…EQUAL…I think not.

    • Bob

      You’re an idiot. If you really believe that then your epitomizing exactly what I’m saying. I’m black, woe is me. Get the fuck out of here! If there is one job available and I am interviewing against a black candidate the black candidate will most definitely get the job because if I get it he will cry racism!!! racism!!!! And companies just don’t want that kind of headache. That’s been proven true and on record thousands of times over. Take your retardation somewhere else.

  9. Bro. Brown

    One things is certain, when Marvin Gaye sung the words and I’m paraphrasing, three things are certain, ‘Death, tax, and trouble’, he should have added ‘Racism’ to make it four things are certain.

  10. Great post Brandon! I see you have anonymous trolls on your page! That just shows that what you have said is real. They wouldn’t show up if it didn’t touch a nerve. Racism must be called out in all shapes and forms. The best of luck to you bruh! 357

    • Bob

      I’m a troll because I say the truth and you don’t like it?

      Way to advocate pussyism. I don’t get hurt feelings when blacks give ME dirty looks up and down whenever I go to a local breakfast place. Why? I don’t give a fuck, that’s why. That’s the way blacks should be. If they’d just grow a pair of balls and man the fuck up already there wouldn’t be any problems.

      • Keep shit 100

        Bob still stalking a black blog? Waitin on ur tiny pecker to get up again so u can jerk off to gay Asian porn? Good luck. Try cocoa butter on ur scuff dick. Faggot.

      • Bob

        Yeah You shines know all About cocoa butter don’t you. Suck my balls. Your insults 1) aren’t even funny 2) don’t even offer any intellect on the subject. If you’re gonna insult me,
        At least keep the fucking debate going.

      • Bob

        And if I’m stalking a black blog that means you’re stalking me. Fuck off and go vote for Obama again. Oh wait, you can’t anymore. Almost Forgot.

      • Bob's failure to launch

        Keep trying bob. You’ll move out of moms basement one of these years. Bigot in a basement. Pathetic.

      • But if you don’t give “a fuck” you wouldn’t be bitching about “blacks bitching” about racism.

    • Truff

      Yeah brandon wandon. Great post. I’m a white guilty kiss ass.

  11. John

    You have no ill will? Your ruined a business. Bricks thrown through the window? Comment on that Brandon.

  12. Good morning all! New posts were made on March 1 & 2, just in case you haven’t stopped by lately. We continue our series on Racial Reconciliation in America. We shall continue until the Lord says stop! Since that is the calling we expect it to be done when it is done. We contend that our race problem in America is real and growing. It has to do with a history of offenses between two peoples: Black folk and White folk! As you may know we have spoken on How Black Folk Offend White Folk. We have now engaged the topic: How Do White Folk Offend Black Folk?” This is a commentary that is offered in multiple parts; we have so much ground to cover. Please understand that we have received a word that before reconciliation can be had revelation must come! Revelation has come and is being put forth. That is stage one. A plan has also come. We contend that the order of things is first things first and second things not at all. So please stay with us and do offer your opinions. May the Lord bless you and keep you strong and of good courage. As an aside: Wasn’t Miss Lupita awesome last night? God is good.

    • Truff

      Find something else to blog about, you self important nigger

      • Wow Truff. Your hatred is I suspect the reason the Lord has called us to do what we do. The need for Racial Reconciliation in America is proven by your pain. Have you ever accepted Jesus Christ into your heart may I ask? I invite you to read the entire Blog. If you or anyone that you love is ever in need of prayer I am available to you. In the mean time I will pray that folk like you and me can do better by one another. I am really trying. If I have offended you in any way that is not my intent and I would ask your forgiveness. In no way am I important. In that we can most certainly agree. This is not the work that I chose but the work that chose me. Probably because I both love and greatly admire the White human being though they like all of us can desire to do better everyday.

  13. Jimmy

    Same Shit Goin On From Western To Cicero.. God Put Us Down Here Together For A Reason (Like It Or Not) But The First Person Tryna Separate IS The Devil.. Unfortunately An Ever Lasting Problem Im Afraid. Sad.

  14. Lin

    Fifth paragraph, “tenets” not tenants.

  15. Truff

    Notice how this mudman hasn’t blogged about anything else since the “incident?” Shows us where his racistond is at

  16. Reblogged this on Randomisms 101 and commented:
    How obnoxious! It’s one thing to think, “oh I’d feel more comfortable with x-people at my bar” and it’s another things to be vocal about disliking your customers.

    • Truff

      So you expected him to be fake. Like most of the weak white people who act like the blacks are okay but terrified of their savageness. They are a plague

      • No Truff, I wasn’t saying that. If a person feels out of place because they’re serving someone who is a different race that is one thing, but to be ignorant and vocal about it is another.

  17. Bollocks O'Plenty

    You’re “devistated” because a bar owner (OWNER: his property) asked you to leave (with full pay)?!

    Not a great future as an entertainer, I’m afraid. Will you quote MLK when you grt booed at? Or will you shout “racisim” when the locale isn’t full?

    I’m sick of niggers expecting a free ride. I’ll give you a free ride: back to Africa. See how you like living in a mud hut and eating cornmeal. No EBTs in Nigeria.

  18. boo hoo

    everybody knows Irish cops hate negros.the truth hurts buddy your kind is hated…

  19. boo hoo

    I’m drinking at this bar now and its great…no black people in sight…

  20. Kelly

    Due to the upcoming Cubs playoffs, McNally’s has been all over my social media feed because they give a way free drink when there is a run scored against the Cubs. I thought it was pretty pathetic and bitter, but some people are jerks. And then I saw the article about your experience there, I was disgusted. In the last day, I have seen 4 people post about this bar. On every post, I shared a link to the original CBS news story. By supporting the bar, you are supporting racism. I was just curious what happened. Is the cop still a member of the CPD? Was there any resolution? It sucks that this still happens in this world.

    After reading the comments through this thread, I am pretty disgusted by some of the members of my race. They are tools stuck in the past. I am also Irish and know many Irish cops who aren’t racist. Some people are just morons.

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