Chicago Police Officer says “Too Many Black People” at McNally’s


February 24, 2014

Let’s cut right to the chase, the title says it all. Mike Cummings, the owner of McNally’s (11136 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL) and a Chicago Police Officer, in a drunken rant had the audacity to openly state, “there are too many black people in here” referring to Sunday (Feb. 23, 2014) morning at approximately 12:03am.

Have you ever walked into a room and knew that all eyes were on you? Well, I have experienced that many times in my life. As a young black well-educated, professional male, I have seen my share of uncomfortable situations; however, Saturday, February 22, 2014 is definitely one that will be remembered. I have been in Catholic school most of my life and an active participant in the performing arts. As a result, I have experienced being one of few blacks in a group. This is why I was comfortable agreeing to be the only black member of a band of great musicians. It was the music that drew us together and therefore we all agreed that race would not be an issue. This changed dramatically for all parties involved when we booked a gig at McNally’s.

Reprieve Blues Band” is a new and exciting Chicago Blues Band. The McNally’s booking marked only my second engagement with the band. Understandably, I invited family, friends and members of various organizations with which I am affiliated to come support me, hear some great music, and have a good time. The other members of the band did the same. We were scheduled for a 10pm-1am block. The place was already full by 9:15pm. By 10:30, the place was packed. People of all social, economic and racial classes were shoulder-to-shoulder enjoying a cold cocktail and live music. Just after midnight we finished our second of three sets. It was during this break that I was informed that we would be packing up and going home. The owner, who was visibly inebriated at the bar, explained that he was shutting down our performance because there were “too many black people” in the bar. He handed over our compensation and made it clear that he was shutting it down.

There are so many things inherently wrong in this story. First, a member of the Chicago Police Department (Michael Cummings, McNally’s owner) spread this hatred. It is offensive that this type of blatant bigotry is still on display in 2014. It is offensive that a business owner would be visibly inebriated and insulting paying customers while the doors of his business are still open. It is offensive that such disrespect would be shown to the band that filled the establishment with paying customers on a Saturday night, this further demonstrates Michael Cummings’ hubris. Notwithstanding these offenses, it is most offensive that some people would pretend that this is an isolated issue that does not demand attention.  This owner thought there were too many black people in his bar. This same owner has been charged with the duty to serve and protect ALL people. It is clear that these type of people do not deserve the honor to serve this city or this country. Where does this bigotry end if we do not stand up and demand what is right for ALL people? How can we sit back or do nothing? What happened to me Saturday night could happen to you or someone you love. Telling black people not to support this establishment is exactly what he wants so we have to do one better. We have to spread the word and pass this message along to everyone we know.  We have to expose Mike Cummings for the racist he is and let everyone know what McNally’s is really about. Will you be part of the problem or the solution?


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940 responses to “Chicago Police Officer says “Too Many Black People” at McNally’s

  1. James Earl Jones

    The joint hired you , thereby became your boss for the night , paid you till 1 and let you go home at 12 ?? Pretty good deal ! Why sing the blues ??

  2. Brown

    His bar, his rules. BUT, as a police officer, I have GREAT concerns as he is suppose to “protect all and serv all” outside of his duties at the bar. His supervisor should know about this attitude. He can’t be in a situation where there are blacks to be served and protected.

    • the problem with that? is THANKS TO WHITE PAST RACISM..YOU HAVE MOST THE BARS!!! so no…YOUR BUSINESS..YOUR RULES cant apply unless the OWNING of the businesses were fairll.WHICH TO THIS DAY…are not. from bank loan, to building location.

      • Truff

        I can’t see if that’s an ape in your profile picture or a really dark shit piece

      • fuckniggers

        fucking retarded nigger. what are you bitching about now, it’s white people’s fault you’re poor today and don’t own anything? fuck off

      • Commoner

        She boon needs to go back to gluing on her two inch purple fake finger claws and complaining about food stamps not being accepted at the hair salon. Worthless excuse.

    • Julio

      He should be fired soon. Better yet, his annual filling out of his city ethics report should bury him for lying.

  3. LFro

    Hmm. Last I checked it was 2014, not 1814. Where does this idiot think blues music comes from? This is an outrage.

  4. EPresident

    I asked my black daughter this a.m. how she feels when she goes to McNally’s. Her response “I LOVE Mr. Cummings!” She also told me that a lot of young blacks from the neighborhood frequent McNally’s. I’m suspecting there is more to this story than this author is letting on (perhaps his friends and family got out of hand?) Another also, Cummings is not a Chicago policeman.

    • byroncrivers

      No, the suffering is not of white guilt, but of the realization that some people in the same demograpgic have succumed to evil.

      Hate the evil with us, the civilized.

    • Talib Muhammad

      It doesn’t matter if the friends and family were climbing the walls, the statement that he made was unacceptable, out of line and clearly racists. He could have cleared the bar for any number of reasons, but to blatant about color of skin was overt and idiotic. Oh and by the standards and policies of the CPD, it was also a violation of his job. He can not be directly or indirectly involved with an establishment that sales intoxication of any kind.

      • Truff

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      • Truff

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      • Bob

        It officially emerged that he’s not a cop so you were a big towel headed blowhard for absolutely no reason. Why don’t you go track down George Bush and throw your shoes at him, camel jockey.

      • KT

        I am so sorry for the nasty remarks that these racist people have made about you because of your name. There is nothing that I can say except that I am so truly sorry.

      • Talib Muhammad

        When people tell you who they are, simply believe them. I made no charge against anyone nor did I call anyone on this blog out of their names. So the comments of camel jockey etc. show more of your character than mine. I responded specifically to someone stating that his family MUST have done something to create this dilemma. If those were his actions as stated by someone who was there, then they are what they are…racist. Now I’m not sure if Cummings is currently employed or a retired police officer, but that will be determined soon and if he is, he will be disciplined for his remarks and for his interest in the bar. Now let me ride off into the sunset on my camel. Nuff said.

      • Bob

        Is it true that camels can go up to 7 days without water?

      • Chris McNally


      • Bob

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      • Chris McNally

        AHAHAHAHA, still afraid I see. What a chump. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, but “Bob” is all talk as usual. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO BACK IT UP BOB – you name the time and place. Otherwise, you are a wimp ass fuck-tard Grandpa. Can’t wait until I’m fuck facing your daughter -only because you could back up your BIG TALK

      • Bob

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      • Chris McNally

        HAHAHA, of course he has no real response to this because he is nothing but a fake Internet tough guy. Actually Bob, I went to Northwestern (class of 1991 look it up) and I am about to turn 44 years old. I have never in my life taken a dime of public aid (paid for college even myself). You wouldn’t know where Northwestern is being a high school drop out, but trust me it was tough. I am more successful than you will ever dream, and your tough talk doesn’t scare me. I know cowards like you that only know name calling. Bullies like yourself deserve to be squashed and I guess by the fact you STILL REFUSE to actually meet me – you have been. When you become a real man (at this point unlikely) I will still be waiting to meet you anywhere, anytime so I can show you what a real live man is like. Since I’m sure at this point in your deflection you can’t do that as a pussy boy – I’m afraid I’m out of luck.

      • Talib Muhammad

        Chris if you continue to argue with a fool soon no one will be able to tell the difference. He’s a coward. That’s why he says these things in this protected forum. And yes, by the way, a camel can go up to 7 days or more without having to refuel his water supply Bob.

      • Chris McNally

        That is true, and someone like Bob is normally just a bug we squash, but he has been railing on hundreds of posters all week about how they are only tough because they are online (actually his vice) and someone needs to show this gentleman how his words have repercussions. If no one else, then I will show him. .

      • Talib Muhammad

        Chris, a 3 year old could probably handle Bob. He’s obviously not a challenge and never will respond to your challenges. This is how he gets his machismo as a real man doesn’t have to offer up empty threats. He’s better off talking to himself which is probably what he does most of the day (outside of here of course). Excuse me, time to tighten my turban as the camel was galloping too fast.

      • Bob

        Abdul, relax. I empathize with you. I mean, I can only imagine how irritating it must be sitting on your camel and getting jabbed with the box cutter that’s in the back pocket of your bed sheet.

        I already told that shitskinned nigger to post his info. Still waiting for him to do that:

      • Chris McNally

        I have asked a dozen times now PUSSY BOY BOB, where and when???

      • jill

        Truff is Bob. Bob is an unemployed, FAT, greasy shit stain that has to blame the colored man for his issues.

      • Bob

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        And for the record, Truff is a totally different guy.

    • Stacey

      I’m guessing that you are a white women with a black daughter? Typical response. Call it was it WAS, RACIST. Stop making excuses for racist people.

    • GJ

      I agreed He’s not a police officer; they can’t own any type of business like that while employed by Chicago as an officer; so now that does leave one to think how much of the truth in this story, not sticking up for McNally’s, it’s the truth; from a black officer, whom never went there.

    • I was there….front and center….no one was even the slightest bit “out of hand”….everyone was having a great time. Believe me, this was a stunner for us all…..but it DID HAPPEN.

      • Mr Reeves

        Thanks for setting the record straight I will not spend a dime of my hard earned wages in a place like this one.

      • Bob

        If she set the record straight with you that jumping off a fucking bridge was exhilarating woukd you then go and do that too? Way to be a sheep there buddy, you are a moron.

      • Truff

        Fuck you you fucking liberal cunt. Go “fight for equality” on another blog.

    • Julio

      Trust me, there’s no more to the story. The slave master loved young black women also. Don’t let his politeness lull you into his perceived acceptance. And yes he is a Chicago police officer. Just because the boogie man tells you he wont hurt you doesn’t mean you should open the door.

    • Queen


  5. byroncrivers

    I reject your immature foolishness ans claim the entire city as my home. You should too.

  6. Dan Kasinski

    Yeah this whole story is horse shit. The comments on here on both sides are just horrid. I mean if I’m white I’m somehow evil or needs sun block to exist ? I was born this way. Just like you were born black. We had no choices. The only choices we have is to answer for ourselves and our behavior while we are on this side of the grass. Cops don’t own bars in Chicago and this is slanderous false information. Blacks are not inherently bad or criminal , it’s a learned response . Everyone’s shit STINKS

  7. KeshaK

    Im a make sure, I ride and visit up and dwn Western with my White Man, with my Black Ass with dreadlocks, to piss them off and the both of us are arm Security Officers …….HA !!!!

    • Margaret-Patricia

      Love it girlfriend! I dated an ofay gentleman (which is one of the many terms white people were called back in the day) from Bridgeport. Eventhough I had a fab apartment in the now Lincoln Park, we had to sneak into his from the alley (always at night) behind the house that he owned. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) my pride did not allow the relationship to endure. We’ve come a long way girlfriend and so have THEY.

    • Truff

      Wow! A nigger with a gun. How rare

  8. Miguel

    I go there every Wendsday and never see a black person in there.. I’m from calumet park and went to school there.. So being around African American is not new to me… But this is amusing to me.. This is snot a racist bar, does not mean small minded people don’t walk in… The worst thing about our society one person can change the feel of our environment.. It’s ok.. People we don’t have to worry about this no more.. For what, it angers u, but what r u going to do about.. Simple keep going about yourself…. If u get offended grow up and man up.. The fact it’s always going to be there.. Unless they come up and become physical, I don’t give a shit..

  9. Bob

    Hey Brandon, I have a rational request….please respond letting us know when you plan on issuing a retraction on, at the very least, slandering this guy as a Chicago cop. That’s been debunked. And for your blog, that is now viral, to continue to say that is slander at best and hurts the credibility In The rest of your claim.

  10. White Women who Loves Black Men

    Now I cant get laid properly.

  11. Bob

    Let’s bring this argument home. I don’t see why you savages want to merely settle for sit-ins (which would be trespassing) and boycotts. Why not just go the full 9 yards with your ange if you’re really that upset? The south side Irish parade is in 3 weeks, why not just protest the whole neighborhood and try turning it into the Bud Billiken parade???

  12. The “Just Us Philosophy” implemented for the development of Western Civilization is the historical reality in Black folk in America. Our young Black men are in a life and death struggle every single day.

    A NEW BLOG POST HAS BEEN MADE. THIS IS JUST A TIDBIT SO COME AND SEE! As always I love you speaks blessings upon you that you will continue to be strong and of good courage! Thank you Jesus.

    The following is Blog post number twenty-four and is part of the ongoing series Racial Reconciliation in America, in honor of Black History Month; it is entitled: How White Folk Offend Black Folk – PART FOUR – You Can Not Piss In My Ear And Tell Me It’s Raining.

    How White Folk Offend Black Folk
    PART FOUR – You Can Not Piss In My Ear And Tell Me It’s Raining.

    I know that for some this is an interesting title for a preacher to use. It comes out of my upbringing. My being around old Black men and working with them in the fields; listening attentively to their conversations. We will get to the meaning of the phrase shortly. Now, beloved, Western Civilization from a historical context, has created a burden that is borne by White human beings today, indeed in some ways one might measure that White privilege is a burden. Certainly one, who achieves and is White, could indeed be judged by nonwhites as not deserving of the success that one has been fortunate to achieve. Just as some Blacks, who have achieved are often considered as unqualified, because they may have received opportunities because of Affirmative Action.

    • Truff

      Shut the fuck up you uppity! You preach you white hate somewhere else

      • Bob

        This guy writes a blog alleging the guy closed the bar because of the abundance of blacks in it and gets tens of half-wits to follow his “I’m a victim” stance including many white guilt sufferers.

        Now I wonder if I’m going to get the same level of support when I’m beaten into intensive care because I walked into the Sexty Sex Lounge with a wallet full of money.

      • Chris McNally

        Wow, I come back two days later and Bob is still at it. The BIGGEST joke in the world is that he loves to “call out Internet tough guys” – when I told him straight up, I will meet him anywhere, anytime to show him I’m not just an Internet tough guy. But he always ignored those posts. Come on “BOB” – I told you where I live, told you I would travel to the suburb you live in (about 20 miles out of the City according to his IP address, but still NOTHING. This is your last chance “tough guy Bob” – let me show you what’s up!

      • Bob

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      • Chris McNally

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      • Bob

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      • Chris McNally

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      • Bob

        Go ahead and post it, Koko the gorilla. Go ahead and post all of that info. And just maybe I’ll take you up for it if you insist.

      • Chris McNally

        OH, I insist. You name the time – you name the place (even your far out suburb) and I will love to discuss who’s right. I LOVE IT LET’S GO.

      • Chris McNally

        Come on Bob, we are all waiting.

      • Chris McNally

        Come on Tough Guy Bob, let’s put your tough talk where it counts. Come on BOY

      • Bob

        Post the info, jungle bunny.

      • Chris McNally

        Ok, Bob – shall we meet somewhere here in the City or way out in the Burbs where you live? I’m open to either, if the City is OK we can meet in Wicker Park by my house. If the far out burbs near you work better how about St Charles?

      • Chris McNally

        COME ON BOB, your 4 days of not responding to my requests to meet despite all your tough talk about being so superior are really making you look like a fool. COME ON BOB, you have so many friends here and I’m willing to make this all public. COME ON BOB, stop thinking you are so cute with your non-answers and MAN THE FUCK UP

  13. Marlene Collins

    Yes, I’m supporting. I think you need to put together a petition t remove him from the force. Action Networth.

  14. Nicholijah

    i don’t support you for 1 you knew better than to take you ass around the European trash in the beginning, everyone in Chicago knows Irishman, Italians, Polish, and Russians are racist ….regaurdless every hunkey cop in the city is racist….i understand embracing the love of music but do it where it could be appreciated around your own people….i served this country in the army for years an i refuse to have, conversate or fellowship with whites you need to stick to your own race….leave the crackers to the crackers an the brothers to the brothers… personally that’s what you ass get for trading races

    • Yer Mama


    • LearnAlloftheFactsFirst

      Please don’t speak for the world’s population because you have not met pleasant Irishmen, Italians, Polish, Russians, etc. in your life time. I respect your decision to not want to converse or befriend others not of your race, but I feel sad for you because you could be missing out on a lot of good people in your life. And maybe one of those people might be able to give you a different outlook on your life and you might not be so miserable. BTW…thank you for serving this Country.

      • Nicholijah

        i have met some decent white but they are not to be trusted or friends of the Asiatic black race if each race sticks to there own we wouldn’t have these plain an simple i am just a down right racist i hate crackers, kikes, Russians wet heads, gennie grease balls, pollocks,any one who has no color….white always talk that back to Africa shit…why did you steal us if you ready for us to go… all stick to your race these problems want happen

      • Bob

        Fuck you porch monkey. If you’d actually spend more time in a library (learning to read, THEN studying history) and less time listening to Jesse Jackson, you’d find that we didn’t steal you worthless filthy silverback gorillas, your OWN KIND rounded you up and sold you off. Looking at the fucked up state Africa is in, looks like they did you a HUGE favor because now you have the luxury of not paying property taxes (most of you) and voting for cocksuckers that give you everything you need while you sit on your shit-colored asses and do NOTHING.

        For the record, I don’t wish you’d go back to Africa. I just wish you’d drop dead. You, BOY, are a typical nigger and encapsulate why there are these types of problems.

    • Truff

      Learn how to spell. You piece of trash

  15. Shit happens…. usually for a reason.


    • Bob

      I see you are as illiterate at writing as you probably are in speaking you chocolate colored baboon. May I suggest you hit the books and get a government sponsored tutor to help you learn to read and write English. Don’t worry about the costs, nigger….thanks to hard working taxpayers like me, this one’s on the house like everything else you enjoy.

  17. billy

    What would’ve happened if white people would’ve been in a all black bar? There would be racism their to so move on

  18. by reading this article can add insight for me. …..!!!

    thank you for the information. …..!!!

  19. MamaMia

    Were these words spoken directly to you, Brandon? Would you swear to it under oath? Let us not forget SLANDER, is a crime and offensive as well. I think we have failed to ask the author some very valid questions. You are taking the word of your band leader Glen Osvarek who is supposedly on disability from the Chicago Police Department, yet he plays in a band and seen dancing, gyrate while playing a heavy Saxophone. Are our tax dollars paying his disability? We should ask ourselves does Mr. Osvarek have a tendency to lie. We all need to hear the facts before such extreme accusations are made.

    • Negative…..Mr. Oskvarek was severely injured serving on the CPD. Yes, he can still stand and play a sax….but can he handle some of the dangerous situations you encounter as a police officer? No. And NO….he is not a liar. Believe me, it was very hard for him to even tell us what was said, as he knew it would hurt our friend and bandmate, Brandon. This WAS extreme…and it is not an accusation. THIS HAPPENED.

      • Bob

        Oh just because you said “I was there” on a comment board we should believe you and this bullshit grossly over exaggerated story. I don’t think so. Then perhaps you’d care to admit that the Chicago cop part was inaccurate since Brandon is too afraid to. Take it deep.

      • Chris McNally

        STILL waiting for the where and when, pussy boy Bob

      • Bob

        You’re a trolling dork and all you’re doing is sending messages in between your masturbation sessions. You know you’re a fucking loser with nothing better to do. Go Gargle someone’s ball bag.

      • Fran Green

        This is the last comment I will make to you, Bob, as I consider you a foul mouthed idiot who has nothing of any value to add to the conversation. Yes….I do think you should place creedence on the word of someone who was actually there. In the court system, they call it an eye witness account and they consider it admissable evidence. To be clear……I was there…….this did happen.

      • Bob

        Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

      • B. Eaver

        So does it make you feel good, Fran Green and Mr. Osvarek, to ruin a man’s life for a goofy comment that may have been said in a drunken stuper? Would you feel better if a man lost his pension from a lifetime of work because he made an error in judgement? Are you that morally superior that it is ok to ruin the reputation of a good Catholic, who supports the local parish, more then any of you could in a lifetime? Think about that for a bit you bleeding heart assholes!

      • Fran Green

        We didnt find Mr.Cummings comment “goofy”. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone wants to see that happen, but sometimes we do suffer consequences for our actions. He should not have been drunk in his own establishment and he definitely should not have said such a racist thing.

      • Bob

        Still a moron. It’s his bar, he can do whatever he sees fit in it. If you wanna own a bar and abstain from drinking in it, that’s your business. You are NO ONE to judge anyone’s behavior in their own place.

      • Truff

        Is it soooooo hard, you pathetic woman. Is this the most deviating thing you’ve been through. Pathetic!

      • Fran Green


  20. Anne E

    I am so sorry for what you and your band have experienced and I greatly respect the courage it took speak openly about what happened. It is people like you who make the world a better place.

    • Bob

      Anne, you’re an idiot. Take your white guilt and shove it up your ass. This guy’s story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and him claims have been proven false.

      • Anne E

        Dear Bob,
        You better watch out. I eat trolls. They’re really tasty. Especially with Swiss cheese on toast.

      • Bob

        Yea, you can eat me alright. Starting at, well, you know where.

      • Him claims are TRUE….I was there.

      • Anne E

        Dear Bob,

        Wonderful! Would prefer to be deep-fried or grilled? I’d ask what kind of bread you want to be served on, but we all know what the answer to that would be.


      • Bob

        Done with you Anne. Take your white guilt someplace else.

      • Anne E

        Dear Bob,

        We all deeply regret that they did not teach you in troll-school that apologizing for something that is not actually your fault and you do not actually feel guilty about is a common language convention for expressing condolences within polite society. I am so, so sorry.



        P.S. You still haven’t answered my question.

    • Truff

      Courage? What a joke you people are

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  22. someone

    I am very sorry and also enraged by that persons actions racism and hatred are taught and passed on I see it every day in younger faces it is pure evil . I can only pray and keep doing my best to teach my children. Someone once told me sometimes people are here just to show us how not to be.

  23. Bob

    Thank god for this shine boycott of McNally’s. They can change the letters on the sign board to say “TAKE SOME SWIGS WITHOUT THE NIGS”. I might have to make it my weekend spot now.

  24. JUST ME


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  26. ky70

    I’m in Beverly often (African American) and patronize many establishments on Western between 95th and 111th, but the few times I have ventured into a watering hole along that strip, I was never comfortable. Nothing was ever said or done to me (save for a few interesting looks), but these spots didn’t feel welcoming (for me) and I never considered returning to any. But my question now is where can I go see this band play?

    • Talib Muhammad

      Ky70, I have a business in Beverly and have had so for over 4 years(my brother almost 25 years), and we both are “sh$! colored niggers”(according to one poster) and we are conveniently perched between 2 of these establishments and though I don’t drink, thus don’t patronize, I have never been made to feel comfortable just walking by. I too, though, would like to hear the band.

    • Truff

      You shouldn’t be


    bob is probably BLACK and hates his self, or he dated a BLACK WOMAN and she crashed his heart, now he mad at all black people, but you know what they say ”ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK” LOL
    But as for the issue dude was out of order. listen! if you hit somebody with you car because you were drunk and now you sorry and you realize you massed up, do that mean you go unpunished, NO you have to suffer the consequences. regardless if it was an accident or not. I say boycott it spread the word, because the owner of the bar wasn’t thinking about his business when he made the comment, so why should we think about how he go make it if he lose his business. AND BOB DON’T COMMENT ON MY POST BECAUSE THIS IS PASS YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

    • Bob

      I see you type exactly how you speak…like a typical she-boon nigger. You illiterate silverback, understand this….if I were black I’d have committed suicide by now because of the shame I’d feel merely by being associated with you worthless lazy gorillas. As for being with a black woman, the going rate I usually see is $10. Not one of them animals would ever break my heart.

      I’s hopes nunna dis be pass yo undastandin’ muthafucka!

    • Truff

      Yeah….that’s it nigger queen. You hit it right on the welfare head

  28. Mike Fitz

    When you commit perjury, the Judge instantly discounts your testimony.
    When the headline states The individual is a Chicago Police Officer and the author of the article continues to say he was a Chicago Police Officer throughout the article. Then when it comes out that he was not a Chicago Police Officer. I discount the whole story,as I do with anything I would read in the Enquierer. What I am certain of is the Author of this artice needs to write a retraction about the individual being a Chicago Police Officer. The author needs to make sure everyone that responded to this article is made aware that the Individual was not a Chicago Police Officer. The Author needs to then issue an appology to the Chicago Police Department for sullying their name. The Author then can take a humbling lesson from this. which would be, never write anything while you are angry. Check your facts and sleep on something before posting or sending it. Your perspective may change after you cool off. You will never regret not sending a letter in anger, but i guarantee that you will regret sending letters when you are. I hope you realize how fortunate that you are that you libeled the Chicago Police Department, If it was a different high profile employer you were falsly using in this story, you would be sued, & having a brick on your check for many years.

    • I was there.

      I believe it has been established that he is a Chgo police officer. And Mr Cummings is the one who needs to issue the apology.

      • Bob

        I should apologize… myself, for reading your retarded fucking comment. You want a guy to apologize for possibly taking steps to avoid bigger problems that COULD HAVE arisen by NOT shutting the band down? What happens if a racially driven brawl broke out and many people were hurt or maybe even killed (just ask the shines about the E2). You’d then demand his head for not shutting the band down sooner. You’re an idiot and I’ve officially decided that you should go fuck yourself.

  29. Blackie

    Bob is a scumbag.

    • Bob

      Well, it could be worse. At least, I’m not a shitskinned tax-dollars squandering Mooley like you. I’d much rather prefer the scumbag moniker in that case. Go and NOT read a book.

  30. Jack O'Boyle

    There’s some funny shit in this thread. Slow down, I gotta write some of this shit down. Hah!

  31. Bollocks O'Plenty

    A few ground rules here:

    1) His bar. His rules.
    2) You got full pay for half a gig. Sounds about right for a nigger.
    3) There’s more to this story. The herd of niggers probably started harassing the staff, stealing cutlery, muh-dikking the human patrons, or just generally nigging around.

    Finally, a business owner stand up for HIS rights! I know where I’m drinking!

    • George

      I know where you can drink too you white bitch. Open your mouth and let me piss in it. You faggot ass neantherthal descendant pussy ass bitch. Call someone a nigger to their face. I bet you wont. Im positive you wont. Cock sucker

      • Bob

        Ahhhh shut the fuck up, nigger. As if you don’t buzz kill society enough as it is. Know your place, tit-soon. Chained to the back of the pick-up truck.

  32. George

    Come try me you Mick Jagger looking ass bitch. Cocktail weenie dick having ass motherfucker. Im in Hyde Park. I will fuck you up. Trailer park trash. Inbred piece if shit. Keep that pickup. I only drive foreign. Poor redneck. I bet your mother is also your sister isnt she ? Bolgna looking motherfucket

    • Bob


      1. Hyde Park…coincidence. If Obama had a son….

      2. You silverbacks are as illiterate at typing as you are at speaking, as you are at reading too now that I think of it

      3. Glad to see you drive the best of cars considering my tax dollars paid for it

      4. I’ll call you Curious George, because like the real Curious George you too are a monkey

      5. Not on my worst day, spearchucker

  33. George

    Well considering that Obama is the President I whole heartily take that as a compliment. Considering that I am typing from my Samsung Mega 6.3″ cell phone some words will get misspelled. But who gives a fuck. All you white motherfuckers are the same. I just laugh. There are considerably much more poor white pieces of pigeon shit than there are black. And anyway. As nasty as the white woman is shes going to fuck your race right out of existence. Seen hiw the average American will look by 2060 ???? No. Probably dont have the Internet at home. Poor fucking hill billy. Im college educated bitch. Graduated I.I.T with a 3.96 with a degree in Architecture. Own my own business. Own three rental properties. So suck my big dick. You fucking faggot. Youre threatened by me. Just like those dumb as white boys get when a brother shows up to the job site as the ARCHITECT. FUCK YOU CAVEMAN. YOURE BENEATH ME. WHITES ARE ONLY ALIVE BECAUSE OF A MUTATED GENE IN AN AFRICAN. IM YOUR DADDY. LOL. HA HA HA HA HA. BITCH

    • Bob

      Good job, Mooley. What that’s called is an ALMOST paragraph. You’re slightly amusing, but as a white man no nigger is ever going to fool me. The only college “educated” shines are the ones that got a basketball scholarship and got pushed through the system. Let’s bear in mind that the only reason you apes are good at basketball in the first place because your primal nature has been swinging from tree to tree which you’ve since perfected by running from the police and jumping over fences trying to evade capture. The biggest thing that impresses me about you nigger, is the fact that you must not be in jail for you to be posting your stupid ass comments on this fucking blog. Otherwise, you’re a useless spade just like the rest of your tribe. Go choke on some watermelon seeds please.

      • George

        Lmao. Your mind is considerably as small as your dick. You keep Believing that shit. You stupid bitch. Blacks have contributed to EVERY aspect of this fucked up society. Poor whites use racism as an excuse NOT to admit it. You live your life trapped in hate. I have to go plan another trip to Vegas

      • George

        And know this you fucking troglodyte. The fact that youre a white male means absolutely shit to me. But youre threatened by me. Ha. Youll die from cancer before. I tell white men what to do all fucking day. Get in line bitch. Cause Im a boss.

      • Bob

        Keep telling yourself all this shit you shit colored spook. We’re done here, jam-boy.

      • Truff

        George of the jungle. You’re delusional and believe your own shit. You think you’re special because you (might) have a college degree. You think you really been through “the struggle”. Truth is, you’re just another low life chicago nigger who thinks like a primate. As successful as you think you are with your “rental” properties that you probably pay $200 a year in taxes, because they’re in nigger neighbor hoods, you’re not. You’re a sub-human mud person.

        By the way, shit skin. You sounded proud that there are more poor white people. Well, there should be. You nigger plagues make up less than 13% of the population. But, over 60% of the prisons, and more of you are on welfare than work. You are a cancer to society and people are realizing that. The media has been protecting you savages for years.

        On a final note. You can take the migger out of the ghetto, eg. George, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger.

  34. I really thought that racist wouldn’t be so ignorant keep your thoughts to your self yet you hate us so bad you listen to our music wanna dress like us you fool when you die you turn Black in less then three days why don’t you Educate yourself Ass hole

    • Bob

      Keep dreaming, nigger. If you stand me up next to you there isn’t any question of whom the majority of people would think is more intelligent. Go Chuck some spears.

    • Truff

      No one except lost, misguided souls want to dress like the North American cement ape. Worthless, walking piles of two legged shit

  35. nordiclander

    Black ruin everything. Sub human pavement apes.

  36. Jim

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a racist, communist, and beat white prostutes. He was a cheater, beater, and a lier

  37. Kayla

    I would think an Irish bar would attract mostly Irish people who are usually White. Just saying. I’m White and know it makes sense for me not to patronize a Black bar.

  38. walter sanders

    Man wants to close HIS restaurant, then what’s the problem? No one cares what a fucking no-good nigger like you thinks.

  39. Sir Bollocks

    This has nothing to do with racism and I’ll tell you why. This is a very simple problem with an even easier solution. Lets change the setting. Lets suppose that you, all of you in this discussion were in Cook County Jail. Now repeat the offensive phrase, “Theres too many black people in here.” You see the bar owner is now right, there are too many black people in jail and you are both in complete agreement. In this context the phrase is not at all offensive. Sometimes offenses have more to do with how we interpret things rather than reality. The guy hired a bluse band? Come on how racist can he be? What if Bill Clinton was tending the bar and he said it, “Hey Hillary theres too many black people in here, I’m shutting it down.” You see now it becomes an endearing joke.

  40. whitepower

    NIGGERS! Chicago is infested with them.

  41. BigBaby

    You don’t know why you were asked to leave, you can read thoughts? And when is the last time you heard about whites going to an all black bar in chicago? Never, BC if we did they would shoot us and rob us. BUT YOU WERE ASKED TO LEAVE “oh so tragic” Grow up Bitch

  42. Mr White

    His bar, his rules! Go play at the black cat lounge.

  43. Adolf

    Nigger scum, must know his place and obey White Man’ Rule!

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  47. Bob

    Was the incident reported to CPD?

  48. S. Shimkus

    I am so happy to live in Hawaii, Chicago is a wasteland.
    I grew up in Roseland (1960’s) and Gage Park (1970’s) both of which used to be awesome! Now it has changed. Why ???


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