Chicago Police Officer says “Too Many Black People” at McNally’s


February 24, 2014

Let’s cut right to the chase, the title says it all. Mike Cummings, the owner of McNally’s (11136 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL) and a Chicago Police Officer, in a drunken rant had the audacity to openly state, “there are too many black people in here” referring to Sunday (Feb. 23, 2014) morning at approximately 12:03am.

Have you ever walked into a room and knew that all eyes were on you? Well, I have experienced that many times in my life. As a young black well-educated, professional male, I have seen my share of uncomfortable situations; however, Saturday, February 22, 2014 is definitely one that will be remembered. I have been in Catholic school most of my life and an active participant in the performing arts. As a result, I have experienced being one of few blacks in a group. This is why I was comfortable agreeing to be the only black member of a band of great musicians. It was the music that drew us together and therefore we all agreed that race would not be an issue. This changed dramatically for all parties involved when we booked a gig at McNally’s.

Reprieve Blues Band” is a new and exciting Chicago Blues Band. The McNally’s booking marked only my second engagement with the band. Understandably, I invited family, friends and members of various organizations with which I am affiliated to come support me, hear some great music, and have a good time. The other members of the band did the same. We were scheduled for a 10pm-1am block. The place was already full by 9:15pm. By 10:30, the place was packed. People of all social, economic and racial classes were shoulder-to-shoulder enjoying a cold cocktail and live music. Just after midnight we finished our second of three sets. It was during this break that I was informed that we would be packing up and going home. The owner, who was visibly inebriated at the bar, explained that he was shutting down our performance because there were “too many black people” in the bar. He handed over our compensation and made it clear that he was shutting it down.

There are so many things inherently wrong in this story. First, a member of the Chicago Police Department (Michael Cummings, McNally’s owner) spread this hatred. It is offensive that this type of blatant bigotry is still on display in 2014. It is offensive that a business owner would be visibly inebriated and insulting paying customers while the doors of his business are still open. It is offensive that such disrespect would be shown to the band that filled the establishment with paying customers on a Saturday night, this further demonstrates Michael Cummings’ hubris. Notwithstanding these offenses, it is most offensive that some people would pretend that this is an isolated issue that does not demand attention.  This owner thought there were too many black people in his bar. This same owner has been charged with the duty to serve and protect ALL people. It is clear that these type of people do not deserve the honor to serve this city or this country. Where does this bigotry end if we do not stand up and demand what is right for ALL people? How can we sit back or do nothing? What happened to me Saturday night could happen to you or someone you love. Telling black people not to support this establishment is exactly what he wants so we have to do one better. We have to spread the word and pass this message along to everyone we know.  We have to expose Mike Cummings for the racist he is and let everyone know what McNally’s is really about. Will you be part of the problem or the solution?



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  1. Joe

    call the lawyers committee for civil rights or another civil rights lawyer – take some $$ from the asshole.

    • Bob

      You made it so I could just copy and paste an earlier comment. Thanks!………..I think you’re the front runner for the STUPID RETARDED ASSHOLE award. Way to actively encourage yet another lawsuit which results in increased insurance costs all the way around. That’s the answer to everything, look for another handout. No wonder blacks can’t get ahead, fucktards like YOU!!!!

  2. Jim

    This situation was handled badly. What may have been badly stated may not be what it appears. From reading this I hear another call for attention from the African American community. It a seems to me what the bar owner may have been saying or trying to accomplish was avoiding further confrontation . Statistics don’t lie, large groups of people result in disagreements often, and statistically violence is more common in the African American community. As the writer of this article can you comment on the crowds makeup? Would you say that your experience as a writer and musician you have a better idea about crowds and controlling the chance of confrontation than a police officer? Sounds to me that though handled badly, this was a bar owner that while in bad fashioned was drunk at his own place was making a good decision to avoid issues. This does not read a racist move to shut down the show based on the amount of black people but rather a decision of a owner who from his experience thought it would be in his, his customers and his bars best interest.

  3. Lisa

    Bob is a troll. Don’t fall for his comments.

    • Bob

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      • Charlie

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  4. robert steele

    Most of you, whichever races, set humankind back a thousand years. #incredible

  5. jay jay

    I am a bar all night and the city of Chicago and first and foremost police officers can not and I repeat cannot on a bar it is a conflict of interest furthermore there are so many races police officers out here in the city of Chicago it is unbelievable and their partners and bosses turn a blind eye to their practices and know that they are treating black men and women which such blatant disrespect and most of us accepted as a normal and it should be spoken out against such as this article that has been written on this establishment that holds a public license for anyone that is of age to come and partake of the services that they read that there how dare they say that this place have too many blacks in and I can guarantee you that the word black never came out of the guys mouth it probably was the n word I say he should going from a review board and explain his actions to the Liquor Control Council of the city of Chicago and explain to the Chicago Police Department how he obtained a liquor license being a Chicago police officer.

  6. jay jay

    this is the corrections to the comment and I post the first line should read I am a bar owner in the City of Chicago sorry for the type o’s

  7. John

    Was that the place that had mouse droppings contaminating the food? I thought the health department shut them down a while ago.
    Most restaurants give you an after-dinner mint. At this place, you get a little surprise with your meal.

  8. MyMc

    As diverse as Chicago is, it is still a city of neighborhoods, each to their own. Sadly there are places where white people do not venture, and places blacks do not, and Mexican, Polish, and the list could go on. For those who do not know, Mcnally’s is located in the mostly Irish neighborhoods of Beverly and Mt. Greenwood right in the nightlife hotspot of Western ave. With that being said, sadly, this bar owner might have been doing his patrons, regulars or not, a favor by shutting down. Even wrongly as it might have seemed, he might have not expected the influx of such a diverse crowd, and not have had enough security present, or the staff to handle such a situation. Maybe in his uniformed mind he, knowing he was in a normally white only crowd, did not want the troubles that could have come with diversity. As sad as it is, not all people and places are made the same. And at the end of the day, it is his bar, in his community, and he would have to deal with the problems that could have happened. I don’t defend racism, and I am not. But sometimes what looks wrong on the outside, maybe had good intentions on the inside. Thank you.

    • You can claim to not be defending racism, but that is exactly what you are doing. You are making excuses for it. Pardoning him for shutting down his bar because there was too many blacks there is just as bad as the act itself, no matter how many times you say it’s “sad to say”. Your way of thinking inadvertently contributes to the problem. If you make excuses for someone’s bigotry, even if you claim to disagree with it, you are contributing to the bigotry. If he is a police officer himself, and things got out of control, I’m sure he had the resources to solve handle it. He didn’t shut the place down be cause things were getting to rowdy, or because the patrons had a problem congregating with people of different races. He shut down because he does not want to serve blacks, and that is the bottom line. You can try to justify it all you want, but that makes you no better than him.

      • UsefulDiscoursePlease

        Abasi Brown – You’re right in that there can never be a valid excuse for exclusion of a group because of their race (also religion, sexuality, etc.). Whether Cummings was concerned about security, about his bar’s atmosphere, or something else, motivation is irrelevant when the resulting action is wanting to limit diversity.
        But were you there that night? Do you know Michael Cummings personally? If not, you can’t possibly know what was going through his mind when you so confidently assert, “He shut down because he does not want to serve blacks, and that is the bottom line.”
        When you make assumptions about people’s motivations (however despicable they might seem), you are making the communication gap larger and promoting stereotypes (whether racial, cultural, occupational, whatever). We can only judge people’s actions through the facts we have. No matter how many racist Irish Chicago cops you’ve met in your life, assuming they’re all the same is bigotry just like not wanting certain types of people in your bar is.

      • Fitz

        No you ignoramus , what was said is , his intentions might of been in the right place. What cummings said he surely regrets now that he has people from all over judging him as a person via an internet blog. Do we not forgive athletes for their mistakes. Fortunately in this situation all that was hurt were feelings. No crime was committed. As for people calling for his job , and stating hope he doesn’t need a minority officer to respond to a 10-1 , as if non police affiliated citizens know what that means. The next job at hand this man gets as a police officer, he will be on it, searching for the person responsible for the crime , searching for justice for the victim and his/her family. No matter what the offenders or the victims race creed color religious belief, etc is.
        You can’t put ones gut instinct into words, and in return everyone understands that persons reasoning. But if it is his place you abide by his rules. As for being on the cpd and therefore not allowed to own a bar. Know that he is not the owner but has a strong say in what goes at the bar. Think of him as a consultant. I’m sure police officers can have side jobs as consultants.

    • What the hell are you talking about??? I don’t know about people here – I was born here, live here, i.e. US CITIZEN (I know some of YOU ALL CAN”T COMPREHEND THAT) and have the right to go in any damn neighborhood where I so please! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!! What is your excuse when they closed the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Western BECAUSE OF “HIS PEOPLE” ACTING LIKE FOOLS! But of course, people like YOU WILL NEVER see that some white people can act like idiots too! To hell with you MyMc, at the “end of the day” you want to act like you still live in a segregated society, so be it, but as far as the positive people on this board (black, white, Hispanic, Asian, et. all) we will go on about OUR business and live and work with each other instead of YOU who always want to play the race card!

      • Mike

        That “race” card is old, from both sides. And don’t be fooled, both races use it often! I am a white male and recently was meeting a friend along Stony Island, near that bar district. Well, I was early, he was late and the crowd let me know I was in the wrong neighborhood. Morale of the story, there are problems on BOTH sides/races. This bar owners ignorance is exactly that, HIS ignorance. Frankly, I have no issues with what he does with HIS bar.

      • Very Concerned

        Mike you’re lying. There are only three bars on stony island. Reds, dating game and fam den. All are white friendly. I kno all three owners so go lie somewhere else.

      • jerome white

        Once Again, There are 3 sides to every story. The third side being the actual truth and not ones interpretation…

    • Mike

      Nice try to defend an unjust affair and in such a great play of words are you def or blind this is not rocket science this is racism at its highest level.

    • Kat

      That’s a fair assessment of the situation thank you for your comment. For me as a citizen of the United States of America and a person who put my life on the line for everyone in this country; I am truly offended. But not with just this; all of the racist carp that goes on throughout the city. I’m black & I have a very diverse circle and it is difficult to manage at times.. Because everyone has stereotypes..we have to find a way to love each as human beings. I pray for those in positions of authority who abuse power but I’m not backing down enough is enough it has to stop!!!

    • Unfortunately your comment is absolutely correct. That’s just the society we live in. And it’s been going on since the beginning of time. Racism is here to stay, it will never change. There may be speckles of it with interracial marriages, and dating, but racism will never not exist.

  9. Donnaro Farrar

    That’s crazy I would of ask for my money back and the drink money I spent that night also sense the color of my skin bother him so much and yes I would spread the news to all races out there so they would know not to eat at this place establishment

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  11. The Real Israelite

    I hope the entire world run out of Sun block

  12. MyMc

    So he should let his bar go on running, and not think of the safety of all of his patrons? It’s not like he opened the doors and said “all blacks out”, he paid the band what they were owed, and shut down his bar before anything could happen. This is called being responsible. You really think the police would have come in to “help” all the patrons in this bar if something did go wrong? Maybe him being from a badged mentality gave him the foresight to see a potential problem, then acted accordingly. And maybe he will learn from this mistake, and have proper security, proper staff, and hold the crowd to a manageable size.

    • Daniel

      So we need to kick all black people out of places they might get harmed because white people might hurt them? Um, yeah, that’s how you solve a problem. I guess the Catholics should have stopped letting little boys be Catholic so the priests wouldn’t wouldn’t perform sexual acts on them, too.

    • Mrs. CPD

      Not once throughout this article did I read anything about the patrons were being unruly or there was a concern of overcrowding. WHAT I DID READ was: “[the owner] explained that he was shutting down our performance because there were “too many black people” in the bar.” There was no safety issue, the writer of this article clearly stated, “People of all social, economic and racial classes were shoulder-to-shoulder enjoying a cold cocktail and live music.” So my question to you is, where is the safety issue? Give me a break. Officer Cummings needs to see the errors of his ways. My husband is a Chicago Police officer and he was appalled when he read this. I hope this officer never needs a 10-1; if so, maybe he should only request “white” officers.

      • Truff

        Black cops don’t respond anyway.

      • Couldn’t have said it better my self Mrs CPD!!!!

      • John

        Obviously you are only going to read that because it is written by ONE side of the story. Get your facts straight not one of us on here knows what was said because we weren’t there. Get a fucking life all of you! You are all pathetic and you all just want to crucify the first white guy you can. There’s a ton of racial slurs on this site maybe I should right an article. Talking about shooting him and pissing on his grave. You all are sick he has kids. How would you feel if your kids had to read about something their dad was not guilty of. This isn’t even a real article it is a BLOG a blog is used to express OPINION not FACT. Get informed people ignorance really isn’t bliss.

      • AMERICAN


      • If your husband is a cop, he’s sure is a bad one. He should know that Chicago cops can not own a bar. If he doesn’t respond to a 10-1 he will lose his badge.

    • SSI

      I agree with you here MyMc.

  13. Peter Renardo

    There’s be no blues music in the fist place, if not for black people

  14. Prejudice still exist, if I was one of his customer I would rally others to stop patronizing his establishment and get the word out on his racism, I wish I could send this article to his precint.

  15. MyMc

    I love that I have played the “race card”, except, I am not white. Since I left out my nationality, and did not mention anything other than neighborhoods… I guess I am a racist. The parade too was shut down for safety concerns. The over flux of underage kids and bused in partiers was getting out of control. So the citizens who ran the parade decided to put a stop to it, before anything really bad happened.

    • Jon

      Had the parade been shut down because of “too many black people,” then it would be comparable. It doesn’t matter what nationality or race you are, I’ve met plenty of non-white racists.

  16. Well!! Thanks for the information. Police Officer are not suppose to own a bar, but since he don’t want Blacks in his place , just don’t go there, I know I won’t.

  17. Darren Renaldo Rodrigues

    It was his business, he should be able to serve or not serve anyone he chooses..

    • Ummmm actually not the case. When the words come out “it’s too many black people in here and you close the place down. You have crossed the line

      • Bob

        Ummmmmmm, Darren is right. You’re incorrect. The bar is private property and as such can deny service to anyone he wants or ask someone to leave. If I walked into your house and started making myself a plate of chitlins and you told me “git otta my house you white muthafucka!” I would write a blog entry of my own telling everyone how you “crossed the line.”

      • Mr. Cummings should just become “available for comment” and answer for himself. Instead he hides.

    • Jon

      The civil rights act of 1964 specifically forbids a private business from discriminating based on race.

      • Bob

        Look at all the fucks I give. Absolutely zero.

      • Whipcrakka

        The Civil Rights Act of 1964 violates The Constitution of 1789, which specifically forbids governments in this country from bothering us about our personal opinions and associations.

        Only a government can, in fact, commit a “civil rights” violation.

  18. Rhonda Pamon

    What’s being done, has a petition been started, if so where do I sign or show up to protest, how can I be down?????

    • Bob

      Ummmmm, you don’t. Retreat back to your own neighborhood and do something productive like be a good parent, organize graffiti removal patrols, neighborhood watch, attend a class, whatever. Racism is not a problem in America anymore. The president of the United States, if you haven’t noticed over he past 5 years, is fucking black. Make more use of your time please.

      • And I am assuming you are a white man. Pleas don’t speak on what’s a problem in this country until u have to experience it. The president is black u genius but he also deals with predjuice so go get a life!!!!!!!

      • Bob

        Really Rhonda? Whites don’t deal with racism? So you don’t think reverse discrimination is real? What would you orangutan sway if we proclaimed next month White History Month. What if we had a white version of BET? You are a fucking retarded twit. When it comes to racism, unless you grew up in the 50s or earlier you didn’t experience jack shit. Keep sticking your hand out while standing on the graves of your ancestors. You people have zero class whatsoever.

      • 고채린

        Why would you need a “white bet” when 90% of the channels cater to and show majority white people? Bet was produced to give african americans a chance to see people that look like them on tv. And black history month was started because history books left out the contributions that African Americans made to America and its kept to remind young African Americans that with determination they can contribute something to history as well. But I’m not going to sit here and say that african americans don’t say or do racist things because every ethicity have their assholes/dipshits. But to sit here and say that because America has a black president that racism isn’t still prevalent, sounds so stupid. And the “you people” comment showed that you have even less class then the people you’re condemning.

      • Bob

        고채린……….just keep your hands off of my dog.

      • Jon

        Your comments in this thread have convinced me that racism is still a problem in the US.

      • John

        Racism isn’t a problem anymore in America? Really? You’re sure? Because last I checked, there are thousands of men and women out there who detest the fact that we have a black man in office, there are police departments who have racial arrest quotas, there are children who sit with their parents and shout out racial obscenities at public events, etc. Racism is still a huge problem here in the states, segregation may be illegal, and the way racism is expressed may be less violent, however it is still EXTREMELY prevalent. Make more use of your own time, think twice before you speak, do some research, and get your head on straight and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about how the world really works.

      • Bob

        Fuck you and your high horse John. Save your lectures for some dickhead. YouTube this name: LARRY ELDER. He is a black activist to try and get blacks to make something of themselves, not some Jesse Jackson piece of dog shit encouraging blacks to live with their hand out. If Larry Elder says that racism is no longer a problem in America I think I would find him as more dependable to listen to than you. Tell your story walking and get fucked.

    • Haha. Protest???? To what? This is not a news story. Its a blog. One persons opinion . Do you see any quotes from other people? Do you see any facts? The owner is Not. I repeat Not a Chicago cop. So u want to protest? Haha

  19. Billy jean

    You got paid for an hour not worked in a bar not known for your type of music that being Blues , but you were hired anyway ? That’s the big deal here ? Get over it. This blogger blues guy is obsessed with race. Read his other blog topics , all race. I’m still waiting for a country band in black bar to happen.

    • Bob

      The biggest takeaway for me reading this blog and participating in the discussion is that there is a shitload of white guilt out there and as a white man that is EMBARRASSING. Obama got in, what more do these liberal cocksuckers want to prove? The fact that another black dude is sounding off and hiding behind the race card is nothing I wouldn’t come to expect.

      Their own kind became PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. What can possibly hold these shit skins back anymore! A white bar owner in a bar predominantly patroned by whites in an overwhelmingly white neighborhood? Give me a fucking break. Sick of their whining and the extended hands saying gimme gimme.

      • BoBby…
        Swearing and insulting, is not participating. You show a lack of morals.
        I am going to do the same:
        Look into the mirror and say Mirror – Mirror on the wall who is the biggest cock sucker of them all?… I bet, a billion Bitcoins, the mirror is going to SAY BOB or at least crack!
        Stop being filled with hate.
        If the owner of this bar said this…then it is what it is.
        He is a jag bag just like you.
        from me to you
        Whiteman to Whiteman
        Republican to Republican
        Non hater to hater

        Just because you have internet connection, does not make you a expert
        Just because you know swear words, does not mean you have to use them
        Just because you don’t know better, wait I am wasting time
        Never mind

        Go play in traffic

      • Tmoe

        Bob, we have been hearing the shit that is spewing from your shithead mouth for 4-5 hundred years now, so, who should be tired of whom? Talk about whining! Who has asked your stank ass for anything, not even your own stank ass family, because you ain’t got nothing! As usual it’s always the poor white ignorant trash that preaches the hate. Most up standing middle class whites have sense! Look how long you have been posting on this string, have you slept, eaten, or even washed you stanking ass, nope!! You are just obsessed with us, you have a serious mental illness, you need help!

      • Shuron

        It’s funny how people can make commits about somewhere they never lived. First of all in that part of the town it has always been racist and second there are loads of blacks living in that community because I’m one of them that grew up in that community. There is no need in boycotting or pettioning agaisnt Mcnally’s the best thing to do is go in. Get friends family etc and visit the bar everyday. If Mcnally’s have to close down early everyday then so be it, he’s the one that’s losing money. That’s the way to really show him. Don’t go in with attitude go in as civilized people. Sit there and enjoy yourself as they are enjoying themselves. Also the commit made about OBAMA! Yes we have an Afro American President but it doesn’t mean a thing when his hands are tied on everything he is trying to do. Just giving my 2 cents.

      • Bob

        Steve, just go wrap yourself in a rainbow flag, vote for Obama again, bathe in your white guilt, and go fist your boyfriend tonight. Actually, he probably visits you.

        You want to be the one that rescues the blacks through your white guilt. Why don’t you take a walk through Gresham or Englewood tonight after midnight. Then come back here and tell us all how that went for you. Assuming you survive, of course. You think you’re being a savior for black people, you’re not. They could give a fuck about you. How do I know this? Look no further than Jesse and reverend sharpton to see they don’t even give a duck about themselves.

        And if you can make me stop swearing, I will. But you making me do ANYTHING is an impossibility since you’re a frail, frail being.

      • Bob

        Tmoe, time for you to go back to the primate house at Brookfield zoo. It’s always the white man that spews hate? Really? Why don’t you read (or in your case have your social worker read to you) the original story and what do you see? One of your fellow brethren whining and crying how after he was paid regular wage for a half nights work only to still cry racism. Your race, for as long as you choose to do NOTHING to elevate yourself, will simply be our cross to bear, both economically and socially. Oh, and KFC opens in 25 minutes, just a courtesy reminder.

      • Bob

        Shurom… know why Obama has his hands tied? Because of all the dumb asses that voted for him, wore his tshirts, and freeloaded in front of polling places saying “this be OUR time!” Didn’t keep voting after they got him in. Your average everyday black doesn’t understand how politics work and that is a fact. They thought their job was done because Obama got elected, but their either all dropped out or didn’t pay attention in Government class when they covered the checks and balances system. They didn’t give Obama any support in the elections for congress and as a result he’s stuck with a congress that stands in his way.

        And thank god that’s the case, otherwise there would be gun confiscation and increased welfare for all. No thanks.

      • Joseph

        60643-Beverly’s zipcode-is not an overwhelming white neighborhood. According to the US census, 79% of the population is non-anglo and the fastest grwoing racial/ethinic population is hispanic/latinos.

    • Bob

      Steve Bond……how much Alabama blacksnake do you suck dude, seriously????

      • Bob-BI
        First thing is first…I lived in uptown for 5 years
        I took the redline to my Job downtown day after day.
        Alabama blacksnake? is that what your boyfriend calls his?
        We have Rattlesnakes here play with one and it is lights out!

        You really like men! Fisting wow I told you stop asking I am not interested!
        I happen to like women, nothing against you and you liking men…however
        stop asking cause it will never happen.

        Oh and I did not vote for Obama… sorry

        Bob-BI stop drooling over my pictures
        not happening

      • Bob

        Very concerned…….yes, I am. And even if the Irish DID make more babies at threats they’re legitimate and generally share the same parents. Unlike another race I know.

    • Bob

      Oh and Tmoe, if we ain’t got shit you can thank your species for that. I mean, I really love working full time to support your kind for doing absolutely nothing but sitting on your asses waiting for your link accounts to be replenished and making another 10 babies before you’re 30. So yes, I have very little, cuz you gorillas have already taken it.

      • Bob

        Steve, I’m finished with you. Take your white guilt out of uptown and into a neighborhood you THINK you’re standing up for and see what happens. You are without a doubt the biggest comment-trolling handjobs I’ve ever met. Pass away, please. The sooner the better.

      • Very Concerned

        Question bob are you really suggesting there is a group that makes more babies than the Irish?

      • Bobbi,
        White guilt?
        Is that like the Alabama Blacksnake thing?
        I am not into the gay lifestyle like yourself..again I am sorry but not interested.
        Bobbi you are filled with hate and rage
        You have insulted so many here…

        You have no Idea about living life…WOW

        That picture you keep jerking off of mine on facebook is me on top of a mountain. Yeah Boobi, I climb mountains, I love women, life and ALL races. I don’t blame skin color on the problems we have …I blame people like you that point fingers and insult others.
        I don’t care if you are a gay bobbi, I am just not interested.

        Don’t be hurt BobBi

  20. The moral of this story is: “Don’t get high on your own supply,”

  21. I was born and raised in Chicago but I attended high school and college in the south and now I live in Texas. The only place I have ever been call a nigger to my face was in Chicago right there on 95th and Western. I still love the Chi, but there are 2 things I will always hate about it: gang violence and the blatant bigotry.

    • South Side Irish

      Hi Major Stewart. I was born Irish Catholic white and raised on the South Side. It is my home. I still love Chi. The only thing I hate about it is gang violence and blatant bigotry. My wife insisted we move to Seattle where our kids have a better chance of raising them away from problems we cannot solve in our life times. I want you to know that I am with you my brother.

    • Truff

      Count another on this blog….you nigger

  22. This is so sad. I would hate to see how he treats African American suspects, or even victims for that matter.

  23. Tony

    Does anyone remember what happened at the mini golf place right across the street from McNally’s?

  24. Sorry Not Sorry

    LMAO Im sorry but i don’t feel bad when this happens to us. I’ve never heard of this place first of all because its on 111th and western, which has ALWAYS been racist since the inception of this city, so i would never go this far south for that very reason. Next, I am sick to death of “black” people always running to these white establishments, then whining when they aren’t welcomed. STOP IT! Keep OUR art in OUR areas where it is welcomed. What will it take for us to wake up? This a free country so the owner was well within his rights to speak his mind. Now what will you do with the information is the question. Stop patronizing these people, how many ways do they need to prove you’re not wanted?

    • UsefulDiscoursePlease

      Hey, Sorry Not Sorry. You are entitled to associate with whomever you want to associate. But, if you cared at all about this city and this country, you’d understand that segregation and intolerance are limiting the U.S.’s ability to compete on a global scale. It’s just bad business, it gets in the way of progress and it breeds resentment (on all sides). That resentment is often expressed through violence (again, on all sides) in our streets.
      Your divisions of “us” and “them” are artificial. The collection of physical characteristics we use to determine someone’s race at a glance do not include any differences in our brains or homogeneous personality traits. There are studies on this completed by people far smarter than you or I. No one race is programmed to be more or less violent, smarter, funnier, sexier or lazier than another — any patterns you’ve observed are based on culture that’s taught and even imposed (by parents, schools, neighbors, media, law enforcement, etc.).
      I don’t know if you have children, but aren’t you interested in doing all you can to make Chicago a safe and prosperous place to live for future generations? Because the only way to do that is becoming a unified and accepting community. Anything else is a lie and won’t hold up.

      • Sorry Not Sorry

        Thats thing, this isn’t my “country”. My ancestors were brought here to build this country with free labor. This “country” doesnt even care about me nor anybody that looks like me. I have no problem with whites refusing Blacks service, it’s for the best. I do not wish to become “unified” with the descendants of mass murderers and serial rapists! No thanks! This country’s economy was at its best when segregation was at its peak. You cannot argue that, so I don’t believe these studies that you claim to know about are exact. They are wishful thinking at best..

      • Sorry Not Sorry

        You said

        “That resentment is often expressed through violence (again, on all sides) in our streets.
        Your divisions of “us” and “them” are artificial”

        LMAO Im pretty sure the victims of racial profiling AND hate crimes across the country would beg to differ that their wounds are “artificial”.

      • Truff

        You want to make it safe. Put all the niggers in train cars and dump them in Lake Michigan

    • Well then “Sorry Not Sorry” you are no better than this “Bob” that is on here. So if some white people wanted to come into your store you will stop them at the door so they won’t patronize you?

      • Sorry Not Sorry

        I wouldn’t stop anyone from patronizing my business. Whites come to our restaurants all the time. I was “raised” by hueman beings which is the difference between me and racists. Racists aren’t raised, they’re pieces of trash, reared by trash. My family has owned our business for over 40 years, if whites decide not to come we will be fine.

  25. gunna

    We as human beings tend to fear what we dont know…i cant blame the coward cracker for being scared for his life…he doesnt know any better…fuck him, the cpd and his bar!!! carry on

    • Tamara

      Responding with ‘cracker’ makes your whole statement (which was a good one at that) incredible. Responding to hate with hate will never solve anything.

      • Sorry Not Sorry


        Please spare us. Where is your stance on what this bar owner said? Gunna words are just that -words! The bar owner, like most racist like to put their words into action. See, you racists never address the racist act, you only address the response, which is ass backwards so you never get to the root of the problem.

  26. Kyle

    I love this bar already lol. Definitely checkin it out.

    • Bob

      The blacks have already said they’re boycotting it so they may as well change the name of the bar to “the best place on earth”.

      • Tamara

        You guys are disguisting

      • Bob-bi
        You might not want to go there..
        Cause if the Owners said “too many gays” then you will be blogging how your feelings are hurt.
        at least then, you can fist your Alabama blacksnake bf all night i see the upside for you!

      • Very Concerned

        You Archie bunker types are so freaking amusing. Particularly when you spew that go back to Africa nonsense. You can lay no claim to America. It’s funny that you acknowledge the natives but you haven’t stopped to wonder where they got their hue. From us because we were here a thousand years before you. So you go back to (insert country of origin). Africa, home to the garden of Eden, where Jesus studied and taught, where the cave dwelling savages who lacked religion or skills came to become refined and stop crawling on all fours and eating Raw meat while afraid of the sun. Back to Africa indeed. Ever heard of Hannibal, bob?

  27. Tamara

    I am ashamed to not only be white right now, but to be
    human. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

  28. Bisi

    Due to our living in the last days and men and women developing a greater hate for each other as the years go on, this is expected to happen. Unfortunately, it is happening to black people. This is very wrong and unjust in all ways. There is no excuse to the bar owner’s actions. But mankind trying to fix mankind’s problems is not the answer. Even though minorities rise up and demand justice from the human government, there are still large pockets of discrimination in the world. Who can better fix mankind’s problems that god himself. With god’s Holy Spirit, that bar owner can change his life and develop A love for all races and apologize for his actions. We are all imperfect humans, we all make mistakes due to our imperfections. Best thing to do is pray for this man. Pray that he does change his ways and that he gains a change of heart. That is what Jesus would do

  29. Frank Rizzo

    What ever happened to the owner of a business reserving the right to refuse anyone? If he wants to exclude blacks, thats his business.. He’s the one taking the risk of having people not patronize his business . If those are his feelings he has every right to them. Just like people who are offended by what he said have the right not to drink there and possibly put him out of business. That should be the final arbiter of what happens to him, not that he has OMG politically incorrect thoughts.

  30. Donna

    I am so Sorry that you had to experience such hatred you know some of my best friends are African American I Love them, believe me I wasn’t raised to hate any race I Love all my friends I wish that we didn’t live in a world that discriminates because as uncomfortable as it is for you is as uncomfortable as it is for me it’s a shame like you said in the year 2014 that we still have to deal with this !!! I am so Sorry that this happened and I hope you don’t think that we all are the same cause we are not, I certainly believe this hatred is a learned behavior it comes from the way you are raised that is why I Thank God that I have the Parents that taught me to respect everyone no matter what color of skin they have !!!!

  31. The city inspector general should be advised of this situation which is one reason why Active Chicago Police Members Should not be allowed to own these type of Business and his attitude does reflect on his ability to perform his professional Duties with-out being bias to other people

  32. Bob

    I wonder if any of these racism crying dumb shits ever realized that the author may very well be doing this for no other reason than to raise awareness for his band. Otherwise, why identify the band by name? Why not just say “the band I play with” or “my band.” If more people attend their house shows out of this because people are naturally morbidly curious, then I suspect he was ok with a little bit of racism all along. If that’s even what happened to begin with.

  33. mama g

    This is all a big joke, right? First, from my understanding this was said to one guy. Maybe the owner said it, maybe not. If the owner felt threatened or that things may have gotten out of control or that shady looking people kept coming in, then he has every right to close the bar. It was also said that the bar was overly packed, that could be another reason to stop the band and end the night early. I know if I was in there, I probably would have left. Why? Because if it is late at night and I am in a bar filled with black people, I don’t feel safe, simp!e as that. Just look at the stats of violence that happens in Chicago everyday. I know that not all black people are dangerous or bad people, I have lots of black friends that I trust. But, when alcohol is involved and it is late and I’m surrounded by black strangers, no thanks. This is the reality of what happens when a big percentage of black people seem to have no respect for human life, just shoot and shoot and don’t care who is in the way. Take care of your children, don’t have babies at 14, don’t live off of the government, don’t shoot, gang banging is bad. Look up to what a lot of poor white people?e have made of themselves. Listen to bill Cosby, he will tell you. Quit your bitching and get off of your ass. I hear black young children calling each other niggers as well as grown black adults. I’ve also had rasicts remarks thrown at me by blacks. Driving through black neighborhoods, if looks could kill… There is a reason why racism still exists, look around at your own people and either let yourself be known as an upstanding black citizen or sit around and cry about it. We have a black president this 2014 shut the fuck up. You’re not allowed in bars on western because you and your race cannot be trusted, sorry. Beverly and mt. Greenwood are good neighborhoods filled with good people, we protect our neighborhood from crime and watch out for each other. We’ve been pushed to the limit from neighborhoods that were once beautiful and well kept until blacks took over because crime got so bad and whites were being targeted. Most of us don’t dump our big Mac wrappers out the car window, we like to keep it as clean as possible. Unlike, those neighborhoods that have been destroyed with litter and crime. Seriously, quit bitchin and make a CHANGE!! PS. I’m not racist

  34. Celeste

    So far I only hear one side of the story. Someone talked about cops making sweeping judgements, and yet we are doing that with these people. I want to hear if this is true before I make another sweeping judgement. It went viral with no proof.

  35. Feeding the Troll otherwise known as Bob. It’s fun to feed the trolls and watch them act all troll like. But what is even better is reading the replies to the troll. You all warm my heart and I know one day the trolls will stay under their bridges.

  36. Mike Cummings and McNally's Sucks Anyway

    AH!!!!!! Next thing you know Mike Cummings is going to say he doesn’t want to serve gay people! This guy should go move to Arizona.

  37. YouKnow

    Brandon, you need to call the Chicago Police Department Office of Professional Standards and report this incident.

    • Kimberly Kwiatkowski-Thompson

      Well, Bob and Celeste, I happen to know this person extremely well and for many many years. The other in the band are acquaintaces and I happen to know that they are telling the truth. There is no judgement on our part, only truth.
      As for BOB. I know for a fact this is NOT to spread the word about the band. They are too good to go this type of route and don’t need to act out like this. They are telling the truth and for u the truth must hurt.
      CPD needs to be notified.

  38. Chicago NAACP Branch

    I just started a FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Social media campaign to boycott this place. They will be filing tor bankruptcy or closing down. Bet on it.

  39. Evergreen Park Resident

    I agree, boycott.

  40. Billy jean

    NAACP boycotting ?? Ha ha ha that’s funny aren’t they the same ones attacking black conservatives ?? Your boycott is invited no one wants race baiting NAACP trash around anywhere. To Sorry I’m Not Sorry , your American If you don’t like it here get the fuck out now. I didn’t ship you here. My family didn’t either. Your own African people rounded you up and sold you off.

    • As a proud black conservative Billy jean,, I can assure you that this is EXACTLY the kind of action the NAALCP should be taking. When unjust and even illegal discrimination happens, it is their duty to support the aggrieved parties.

      And guess what I AM and American. Almost certainly an American for more generations than most other citizens. And when I am told I a don’t belong somewhere, in MY COUNTRY. I don’t accept it.

      You shouldn’t either. Stand up the citizens of the nation that is yours, and denounce the actions of the fool who closed down his establishment because there were too many AMERICANS there.

      • Very Concerned

        This is YOUR country? How the Fuck u figger that? There was no one here but blacks and Indians. What is your country of origin carpetbagger?

      • Truff

        How about you go serve in the military you slug. How many of you slugs on this pathetic blog took the oath to defend our constitution and served? If you didn’t…..then shit the fuck up and deal with it.

      • byroncrivers

        Truff, I was born a citizen. And my forefathers a century BEFORE me were born citizens.

        I am an American, and this land is mine.

        Nowhere open to the public is off limits to me.

      • Truff

        How many link cards do you have?

    • Sorry Not Sorry

      You pale mongrel. Can you read? Probably not. show me where I said you shipped me here. Nobody sold anybody your ancestors kidnapped people just like you still do today. Amber Alert anyone? I’ll leave when you finance my relocation to Africa and only after you go back to a cave in Europe. Happy sun bathing LMAO!

  41. Billy jean

    Byron – I appreciate your comment and I did say it is not right what allegedly was said . I know your American we all are. We are here together in the greatest country on earth ! This victim mentality is weak and destructive and so many black Americans use it as a crutch. This mans blog is all race this race that which leads me to believe he is one if those ” Whoa is me ” crutch using always a victim types. Crying wolf so many times has tainted real true racism And yes racism is a two way street blacks also hate and target skin color

  42. Billy jean

    Sorry not sorry – your obviously a disturbed self loathing person whom loves to blame everyone for your own shirt comings. I won’t call you names or stoop , what’s the point in it ?! I’ll leave that to you. I refuse to finance your trip back to whatever Rock pile you spawned from. I already pay for your Gov phone , SSI on that asthma , you section 8 den of Domestic abuse , your healthcare and extra taxes so that you can have safe passage through your all black peace loving neighborhood. You pay your own way in life you useless mutt. You hate America ? Then find a new and better place . Amber alert and kidnapping ?? Sorry dummy my family didn’t round you up and sell you to the Spanish and English your people did . Douche bag

  43. LearnAlloftheFactsFirst

    I just want to know out of everyone that has replied to this thread, which one of you was actually at the bar that night??

    • Bob

      Nobody was. That’s the whole point. A bunch of agitated spearchuckers just because one side of a story depicting a neighborhood establishment as racist was made available to them.

  44. Why even bother being outraged, or demand the bigoted owner to act differently, or call for him to allow “more African-Americans” in his establishment.

    Just stop going, spend your money in a place that wants your money, some still have the misguided “DREAM” that we HAVE to be where we aren’t wanted, that it’s our right to be in there. Our RIGHT is only to spend our money with those who appreciate us, instead of giving it to people who don’t respect us.

    “…and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”

    ~Carter G. Woodson
    The Mis-Education of the Negro

    we need to wake up to our own economic power

  45. Mary Mitchell

    Im going to keep it real with ya’ll. this bar owner owe these boys sum Colt 45, sum weed and sum white womens OR my racist black ass gonna writes abouts hims in the sunstimes.

  46. Jesse Jackson

    Amens Mrs. Mitchell. Rainbow Push on it! White womens for thems and me’s too.

  47. Tchalla Pinkard

    Was this documented in any manner to validate this story? Was the documentation forwarded to city officials? I agree with what was stated as an appropriate response to this story but it has to go further. Some one hired him, knows the type of person he is and supports him. Why not bring the owner of this establishment and his personal”racial preferences” to light along with those that support this behavior.

  48. LOL so much fail… Where to start. First fail you’re in chicago, second fail you’re in an Irish pub, third fail the pub is owned by a cop. Forth fail, you expected better from said cop. Fifth fail, the combat racism theory. i hate to be the one tell you but like an armed neighborhood watchman chasing kids behind buildings, you sort of asked for this to happen. There was really no other way this could have turned out. lol

  49. SSI

    I don’t see anything wrong with this article. This establishment is in a very South Side Irish part of Chicago and the blacks should know to stay out of it. You don’t see any of us Irish folks traveling to have some drinks at a bar in Englewood, Robbins, Harvey, etc. So stay out of our area! Plain and simple. The owner did what he wanted to do and had free reign to do it. He was probably avoiding any fights breaking out between the races. Go to any bar on Western and the chances of seeing black folks is slim to none and should be kept that way! Southside Pride!!

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